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Mercury Remediation

Mercury Remediation

Peak Environmental Staff have conducted environmental investigation and remediation activities at former industrial sites where free mercury was present as a primary contaminant of concern. Specifically, Peak professionals have conducted due diligence, environmental site assessment, and remedial services at a former metal fabrication and plating facilities including sites in New Jersey and New York State. At one facility, located in New York, NY, the work was performed for New York City Transit on behalf of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Services initially included a Phase I ESA which identified a number of potential Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs). A phase II ESA was subsequently performed to evaluate the potential RECs, a number of which were associated with fabrication and plating activities. Sampling and analysis of the wooden floors revealed the presence of various metals distributed throughout the facility. Further assessment and sampling was conducted on a grid basis as no knowledge of specific facility operations was available. Metals impacted wood flooring was delineated and subsequently removed. The area was decontaminated and the remedial wastes were classified and properly disposed of offsite. The work was performed to ensure the safety of the workers and occupants at the site, and State & Federal (including OSHA) environmental regulations and regulatory agencies were consulted.

Peak’s professional experience also includes mercury monitoring and survey work performed for a Regional Sewerage Authority. The project involved direct read instrument and discrete sample monitoring at various source points and assisting in developing mitigation actions to minimize employee inhalation exposures. The work included the development of a detailed report of findings including mercury concentration mapping.


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