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Brownfields Redevelopment

Brownfields Redevelopment

Peak technical staff routinely assist residential, commercial, and industrial developers, as well as local governments, in the assessment, investigation and remediation of underutilized and potentially contaminated Brownfield properties. Brownfield redevelopment improves and protects the environment, and investment in these properties facilitates job growth, increases tax revenue, increases property values, utilizes existing infrastructure, and reduces the pressure to develop open land. Federal and State financial incentives have been a pillar of Brownfield redevelopment programs by bringing experienced development professionals to the table. 

Peak’s experienced Brownfield support team understands the importance of comprehensive planning to identify stakeholder goals and potential State and Federal agency funding opportunities, and to then execute the redevelopment plan in an efficient manner, dovetailing environmental remediation with development and construction tasks. Peak’s experienced due diligence group identifies environmental risk, and our rapid site characterization methods support determination of likely solutions, schedule, cost and endpoints for environmental issues early in the project.  Peak’s regulatory expertise allows us to implement available technical and regulatory tools, and to utilize professional judgement, to close out projects in a cost-effective manner. This information allows effective communications with lenders, insurers and other professionals that support the project. 

 Redevelopment Planning

    • Property Search 
    • Environmental Due Diligence 
    • Site & Remedial Investigations 
    • Building Material Testing  
    • Beneficial Use Determination 
    • Remediation Cost Estimates 
    • Receptor Evaluation 
    • Hazardous Materials Inventory 
    • Building Materials 
    • Concrete & Soil Re-use 

 Remedial Actions

    • Waste Classification 
    • Remedial Alternative Selection 
    • Waste Management Plan 
    • Soil Management Plan 
    • Vapor Mitigation 
    • UST Closure 
    • Presumptive Remedies 
    • Depressurization Systems 
    • Soil & Groundwater Remediation 

 Construction Support Services

    • Health & Safety Plan Preparation 
    • Demolition Support 
    • Dust/Air Monitoring 
    • Safety Monitoring 
    • Building Materials Management 
    • Linear Construction 
    • Dewatering 
    • Building Materials Management 
    • Waste Management 

 Regulatory Compliance & Project Closure

    • LSRP Oversight 
    • Site-Specific Standards 
    • Attainment 
    • Remedial Action Permits 
    • Institutional Controls 
    • Engineering Controls 
    • Vapor Management 
    • Response Action Outcomes 
    • Biennial Certifications 

Peak is an active member of the Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast (BCONE), a non-profit organization that promotes the exchange of ideas, best practices, and benefits of resilient and sustainable re-development among public, private and regulatory stakeholders to facilitate economic activity and growth. 


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