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Beneficial Use

Beneficial Use

Management of materials is an important aspect of remediation and construction projects from cost, schedule and liability perspectives. When excess soil and demolition materials will be generated and need to be removed, it is common to send this material to licensed disposal or recycling facilities. However, current solid waste and recycling regulations allow Beneficial Use alternatives to these facilities. To take advantage of these alternatives, Peak project managers consider transport of the material to other construction sites, environmental remediation sites or re-development projects, instead of to a disposal or recycling facility. Typically, relatively minor additions or modifications to a waste characterization plan are needed to support the evaluation of alternative endpoints. With proper planning and support documentation to ensure compliance with regulations, this can be a very effective and cost saving option that benefits all parties.

To support the proper management of materials, Peak provides the following services:

    • Waste Characterization Testing
    • Beneficial Use Determinations
    • Material Management & Acceptance Plans
    • Concrete Testing & Re-use Evaluations
    • Material Characterization Plans
    • Historic Fill investigations
    • Construction Site Services

NJDEP fully supports the alternate beneficial use of these materials with the goal of conserving resources and preserving landfill capacity. NJDEP has issued regulations and technical guidance, specifically the Fill Material Guidance for SRP Sites from their Site Remediation Program, to allow professionals to utilize their professional judgment to consistently implement the program in a protective and sustainable manner. SRP will be reinforcing these concepts in their planned Green Remediation guidance document. In addition, the NJ Division of Solid Waste has a long-standing Beneficial Use program supporting and encouraging the environmentally sound re-use of materials that would otherwise be waste to avoid the unnecessary environmental impacts associated with transportation and off-site disposal. The NJ Division of Solid Waste reports it has approved a total of 3.9 million cubic yards of material for alternate uses.


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