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Redevelopment Planning

Redevelopment Planning

Peak Environmental provides full support for each step of a redevelopment project, from planning through construction of the final use. Our experience allows development of efficient solutions for demolition and grading phases, as well as contamination of soil and groundwater related to historic operations on the property. While challenging, management of these issues early in the process provides cost effective solutions that minimize contaminants that will remain on the property, take advantage of planned use distribution on the property, and utilize available risk-based tools in applicable environmental regulations. Peak has supported private developers and municipalities, and can manage and provide beneficial input for effective decision-making during each step of the process.  



  • Environmental Due Diligence 
  • Site Investigation 
  • Receptor Evaluation 
  • Waste Management Plan 
  • Hazardous Materials 
  • Building Materials 
  • Concrete & Soil Re-use 
  • Dewatering 
  • Remediation Cost Estimates 



  • Waste Classification 
  • Remedial Alternative Selection 
  • Receptor Mitigation 
  • UST Closure 
  • Presumptive Remedies 
  • Soil & Groundwater Remediation 



  • Demolition Support 
  • Air/Dust Monitoring 
  • Safety Monitoring 
  • Building Materials Management 
  • Linear Construction 
  • Building Materials Management 
  • Waste Management 



  • LSRP Oversight 
  • Site-Specific Standards 
  • Attainment 
  • Remedial Action Permits 
  • Institutional Controls 
  • Engineering Controls 
  • Response Action Outcomes 
  • Biennial Certifications 




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Peak receives a CIANJ Environmental Leadership Award

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NJ Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund is Active.

NJ Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund is Active.

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