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Rapid Response, Diesel Release, Essex County, NJ

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In late 2021, when approximately 500 gallons of diesel fuel were found on an unpaved surface at their municipal public works yard, the city contractor started removal of visibly impacted soil, NJDEP was notified, and Peak was called to provide LSRP services and manage the remediation. The source of the release, an above-ground storage tank (AST) system, was taken out of service and dismantled. Peak initially inspected site conditions, identified and protected potential receptors, and directed excavation activities. Soil was staged on and covered with polyethylene sheeting for later disposal coordination. Interim actions were taken to protect an adjacent surface water body in proximity to the release, an Emergency Authorization Permit application for excavation in a Flood Hazard Area was obtained, and Peak developed and implemented a soil sampling plan to define the vertical and horizontal extents of soil requiring removal.

Over 700 tons of petroleum impacted material were removed. On completion of the excavation, Peak implemented a compliant post-remedial soil sampling plan and determined that soil was successfully remediated to the most stringent NJDEP Soil Remediation Standards (SRS). Groundwater and the adjacent surface water body were not impacted.  Excavations were backfilled with clean fill, and areas within FHA were restored as required. The project was completed in approximately six weeks from the date of release. Institutional and engineering controls are not required, and an unrestricted Response Action Outcome (RAO) will be issued by the LSRP for this NJDEP Incident Number.

    • Rapid Response
    • Site Investigation
    • Receptor Evaluation
    • Regulatory Consulting
    • Land Use Permits
    • Remedial Investigation
    • Remedial Action
    • Remedial Action Report
    • Waste Characterization and Management

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