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Heating Oil Release, Public High School, Bergen County, NJ

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Peak Environmental (Peak) was retained by a public school board to remediate a No. 4 Fuel Oil release associated with a previously removed 10,000-gallon underground storage tank (UST) at the local high school. Peak completed a soil investigation at the former UST location and identified Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons (EPH) and multiple poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) at concentrations greater than the applicable New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Soil Remediation Standards  The subsequent groundwater investigation identified separate phase fuel oil on the water table and dissolved concentrations of several PAH compounds greater than the NJDEP Ground Water Quality Standard. Separate phase oil and contaminants in oil and groundwater were delineated to applicable standards. Peak calculated site-specific soil remediation standards to reduce the area requiring remediation while remaining protective of human health and the environment,

Peak then developed and executed a Remedial Action Workplan consisting of excavation to remove impacted soil and separate-phase fuel oil. Due to the former location of the UST in a partially-enclosed alcove adjacent to the school building, Peak supervised the installation of helical piles by a qualified structural engineer to support the building during in excavation activities. Peak coordinated the transport and disposal of removed soil and groundwater to licensed facilities, Post-excavation soil sampling confirmed the effectiveness of the remedial action for soil, and groundwater monitoring confirmed free product was removed. Remaining minor impact will be managed under a pending Remedial Action Permit (RAP).  Services for this project included:


  • Licensed Site Remediation Professional
  • Regulatory Compliance and Permitting
  • Site Investigation
  • Remedial Investigation
  • Remedial Action
  •  Structural Support
  •  Soil Excavation
  • Groundwater Remediation
  • Waste Management