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Site Remediation, Morris County, NJ

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Peak Environmental, A Nova Group GBC company (Peak) was retained to conduct remedial investigations of site soils and groundwater.  Investigations identified chlorinated compounds in soil. Soil impacts were addressed via calculation of site-specific Impact to Groundwater Soil Remediation Standard, through Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure, delineation to the site-specific standards, and soil removal and disposal offsite. Groundwater investigations identified and delineated chlorinated compounds in groundwater beneath the site as well as identified impacts from an off-site regional chlorinated VOC plume.  Due to observed concentrations in groundwater, a vapor intrusion study was conducted via sub-slab soil gas and indoor air sampling program.  While sub-slab triggers were noted, indoor air quality passed NJDEP requirements except in cases where the contaminant was used in the active facility. An ISCO Pilot Study, entailed injecting 81,000 lbs of a 30% solution of hydrogen peroxide (primary source reduction treatment area) and 24,000 lbs (smear zone/shallow groundwater) and a 40% sodium permanganate solution was conducted. The results of the pilot treatment were favorable and showed a substantial decrease in contaminant concentrations in groundwater. Therefore, a full-scale injection is planned to address the remaining chlorinated compounds in groundwater.  Peak is providing the following services for this project.


  • LSRP Services
  • Preliminary Assessment Report (Off-site source)
  • Soil Remediation
  • Waste Characterization and Management
  • Health and Safety Plan