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The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has published proposed amendments to NJAC 7:26I – Regulations of the New Jersey Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board. The Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board (SRPLB) has drafted these changes in response to the August 23, 2019  Amendments to the Site Remediation Reform Act (“SRRA”, NJSA 58:10C-1 et seq.) The SRPLB is also taking advantage of this process to correct certain errors and inconsistencies, provide clarity to certain sections, and correct references in NJAC 7:26I, which was adopted in 2016.

Created by SRRA, the SRPLB is required to prepare and promulgate rules necessary for the implementation, administration, and enforcement of SRRA. NJAC 7-26I regulates Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRP) with rules for licensing, fees, continuing education, auditing, professional conduct, and other relevant topics. The proposed rules are available through several sources, including the DEP, the Board and other sources. A public hearing is scheduled for December 20, 2022, and public comments are due on January 6, 2023.

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