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When economic conditions, emergency regulations, operation issues, or other variables require an operator to temporarily stop using an underground storage tank (UST) system, certain steps must be taken to ensure compliance. The Underground Storage Tank Rules (NJAC 7:14B) allow owners/operators to take their USTs “out of service”, which is defined as a tank system to which no product is being introduced or dispensed pending a decision by the operator to either close or re-use the tank. In this situation, the operator must take the following steps to maintain compliance with regulations:

submit an amended Questionnaire to NJDEP;
maintain compliance with all regulations applicable to the tanks;
maintain release detection monitoring;
maintain corrosion protection; and
maintain spill and overfill prevention practices.

If the tank system will be out of service for more than 3 months, then the operator must follow Temporarily Out-of-Service guidelines in American Petroleum Institute Publication 1604 Closure of Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks. If secondary containment is in place, the tank can remain out of service for up to 1 year, subject to conditions. Jeffrey CampbellPeak UST Services