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Roadwork projects are currently proceeding under crisis conditions by Executive Order from the Governor’s office, recognizing them as an important contributor to economic activity while maintaining prevention practices to minimize virus transmission. It is important to ensure environmental planning requirements are met prior to breaking ground. Significant fines for non-compliance apply and NJDEP and NJDOT have not relaxed this aspect of linear construction projects.  Under NJAC 7:26C, “linear construction projects” include work to create, maintain or alter the public or private roadway, railroad or utility lines that cross one or more contaminated properties and will generate more than 200 cubic yards of contaminated soil for fill or disposal. NJDEP approval of the work is not required, however, the construction management firm must hire an LSRP and submit an NJDEP form and fee 45 days prior to work. Pre-construction tasks and soil management options can be developed by the LSRP using the NJDEP Linear Construction Technical Guidance document. Jeffrey Campbell, Linear Construction Services.