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Replenish Food Bank

The staff at Peak ran an in-office food drive for the month of December to bring much needed items to our neighboring local food pantry, Replenish. Replenish is a collaboration of many partnerships working together to end hunger. Local governments, nonprofit agencies, community food pantries, food banks, soup kitchens. social service organizations, businesses, schools and houses of worship all work together through the pantry to help achieve their mission of providing a turnkey hunger eradication program to our network of over 150 partner organizations so they can wholly focus on best meeting nutritional and basic needs. Replenish



Feeding Hands

Managing Principal, Rob Edgar, volunteers as a member of the Giving Network and delivers food to those in need in Somerset County every week. The organization operates several food pantries in New Jersey, and welcomes food donations, financial support and volunteers! Feeding Hands Pantry


A Time To Help

Project estimator Roger Bajorek helped the homeless at St. Fabian in Farmington Hills, Michigan who participating in the Housing the Homeless program in cooperation with Cass Community Social Services in Detroit. Participating organizations rotate in hosting for a week, providing dinner, a safe, clean place to sleep, breakfast and a bagged lunch. A Time to Help


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