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Peak Environmental’s Rob Edgar, a Managing Principal, and Kassidy Klink, an Associate, appeared on the podcast “All About Real Estate”, which airs every Sunday at 10am on Fox Sports New Jersey (93.5 FM/1450 AM). The show is hosted by Kenneth Mueller and Jane Mueller, both real estate brokers that serve central New Jersey from their ReMax office in East Brunswick. The show provides insight and information regarding management and sale of real estate. In “Environmental Issues in Real Estate”, Ken and Jane interviewed Rob and Kassidy about environmental aspects of commercial real estate transactions. They discussed the triggers and goals of Environmental Site Assessments, the applicable regulations, the qualifications of environmental professionals, the process and goals, and most importantly, decision-making. With so much information to cover, Rob and Kassidy will appeared on two episodes of the program. The episodes can also be accessed through You Tube (Part 1 and Part 2), and the Fox Sports Radio NJ page under Podcasts.

Rob Edgar                Kassidy Klink

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