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Chris Schmitt has joined Peak Environmental, A Nova Group GBC Company (Peak) as an Associate of the firm and Director of Sustainability Services. Chris will conduct remediation services as our ninth New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP), and he will lead our Sustainability Services group, managing resiliency and sustainability projects for our customers. Chris brings over 30 years of experience in managing and completing technical and regulatory responsibilities at dozens of complex sites in NJ, as well as experience with hundreds of sites in NY, PA, CT and MA. Chris also has extensive experience in the application of climate change mitigation, alternative and renewable energy transition, resiliency and sustainability on traditional LSRP investigation and remediation sites. He has successfully added sustainability and climate change resiliency tasks to numerous environmental investigation/remediation projects to generate economic value, advocate for environmental sustainability, support healthy communities, and achieve client satisfaction. In addition, he has successfully parlayed NPDES permit renewal tasks at numerous petroleum refineries and bulk fuel terminals into value-added climate change mitigation services, and has designed an expanded scope of services for a commercial distribution center warehouse complex redevelopment plan to include alternative energy sources (solar, wind and geothermal), electric truck charging, reduction in CFC fugitive emissions from a refrigerated warehouse, and supply chain sustainability.  With this experience and his relevant credentials, Chris will lead sustainability, regeneration, resilience, and climate change mitigation services offered by Peak and Nova Group to our customers across the country.

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