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On February 1, 2021, NJDEP Commissioner Shawn LaTourette authorized, through a Notice to Executive Order 103, the extension of timeframes mandated by NJDEP regulations to provide the regulated community additional relief during the coronavirus pandemic.  The extension applies to sites administered under Underground Storage Tank rules, Industrial Site Recovery Act Rules (ISRA), Heating Oil Tank System Remediation rules, and other releases of hazardous materials subject to the Site Remediation Reform Act. To utilize the waiver, the PRCR must have retained a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) to manage the remediation. The timeframe extensions apply to specific tasks and report submittals required by the regulations, including:

  • Preliminary Assessments/Site Investigations;
  • Receptor Evaluations;
  • Non-aqueous phase liquid response, delineation and reporting;
  • Immediate environmental concern response, delineation and reporting;
  • Remedial Investigation; and
  • Remedial Action.

The waiver includes both regulatory and mandatory timeframes, and sites under an Administrative Consent Order are also included. In addition, further extensions for a site can be requested when necessary. The order does not provide relief to mitigate immediate impacts to human receptors. In addition, while deadlines are extended, remedial activities at all release sites must continue.  Contact Peak to discuss the effects of this notice on your project. Jeffrey Campbell